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1777 South Bellaire Street, Suite 204
Denver, Colorado 80222


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1777 South Bellaire Street, Suite 204
Denver, Colorado 80222


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Analyzr is now the G2M Platform!

Make decisions

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Our North Star

The Analyzr Approach


Predictive modeling tailored to your business needs


Models that are transparent and accessible to the end user


Allow users to focus on variables and outcomes, not technology set-up


Modern analytics requires a modern tech stack


How Analyzr Works

Step 1

Select Data Sources

Aggregate data from first- and third-party sources to serve as the foundation for the model build

Step 2

Pick Variables & Algorithm

Select variables to feed the model and choose the algorithm that provides the best fit for the data set

Step 3

Train Model

Let Analyzr encode the data and compute results. Review model outcomes, and revise variables or algorithm as needed to refine results

Step 4

Get Insights

Take your business to the next level with actionable insights and model outputs that feed back into native systems


We Handle The Engineering,
So You Can Focus On Uncovering Insights


Build machine learning models quickly with our no-code user interface


User data can be encoded and controlled locally as appropriate


Managed Kubernetes cluster provides cloud-based scalability


Fully managed with guaranteed uptime and dedicated service desk


Single tenant API with no confidential data shared


Outputs feed back into native systems for end users to access

Use Cases

How Can We Help You?


Uncover potential pockets of growth or identify at risk groups by bundling prospects and customers into micro-clusters with key shared traits. Identify new clusters as they pop up to take advantage of the opportunity before your competitor does.

Propensity Scoring

Target more accurately and improve conversion rates by predicting propensity to buy or to churn. Understand key drivers affecting your prospect or customer behavior and take action before it’s too late.


Tap into a broader set of data sources and generate more reliable forecasts to better determine where your business is headed. Use the information to make proactive decisions on how to optimize outcomes and exceed your year-end goals.

A/B Testing

Assess the effectiveness of each marketing campaign and program in a true apples-to-apples fashion by adjusting for all relevant factors between your control and your test. Finally understand what actually works and increase your marketing effectiveness.

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technology leaders

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